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No question, V2 Cigs is the best e-cigarette brand on the internet today. I've tried pretty much every other e-cigarette being sold today, and I haven't found a worthy comparison… ESPECIALLY for those trying e-cigarettes for the first time (but certainly not only for new 'vapors') ….
You're looking at more vapor production, the battery holds a charge for a longer period of time, and the flavors to choose from are top notch versions of both favorites and more exotic choices too.

That's why we hand-picked V2 for our 15% off promo, and hopefully this attracts some e-cigarette beginners towards this awesome brand. Hey, even if you've been using an e-cigarette for awhile, take this coupon code and give V2 cigs a try.

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James Oliver, E-Cig Evangelist & Recognized Expert


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V2 Cigs Review

Known as the fastest growing electronic cigarette company in the industry, V2 Cigs is on the veritable cutting edge providing consumers with high tech products at an affordable price.

Analytical Search Company, Alexa, ranks V2 Cigs as the most visited electronic cigarette website of any other brand. Suffice it to say, with that many eyes taking a hard look at V2 Cigs it’s no surprise that the company enjoys such popular appeal. Featuring a diverse line of sophisticated electronic cigarette starter kits, a vast array of flavor options, easy to use nicotine cartridges, and eve their own line of e-Liquids, V2 Cigs provides smokers everything they need to make the switch from traditional tobacco at price point that’s not only tempting but smart. Improving upon their current crop of excellent products, V2 recently introduced their brand new 4.2 volt lithium ion battery designed to offer a liberal amount of power you won’t find in competing brands.
An Overview of the V2 E-Cigarette
You may be asking yourself, what makes this brand special? What sets it apart from other electronic cigarettes? Through our product reviews we take into account a few specific criterions but pay careful attention to an e-Cigarette’s level of quality and technology. Below we break down the electronic cigarette into fundamental aspects all electronic cigarette users should pay attention to.

V2 Cigs Is All About The Options
Everyone talks about V2 Cigs high-performing products but very few mention the options the company gives its customers. As mentioned above, V2 Cigs offers a variety of starter kits that are certain to please even the most budget conscious of smokers. Likewise, the products themselves offer a decent amount of customizability upon ordering that ensure the e-Cigarette you buy is the one you want. V2 Cigs offer various battery lengths such as 100mm, 110mm, and the long 140mm battery. Each of these battery sizes come with the option of either automatic or manual operation. For those who don’t know, an automatic electronic cigarette provides the same experience you’d receive with a traditional cigarette. Simply puff on the device to power on the unit for vapor production. After a short time of inactivity, the battery powers down. The manual option, on the other hand, stays on as long as you want it to. Though it may come at the cost of battery efficiency, smokers have total control on how much vapor they inhale leading to a more tailored experience. Each battery ranges in price from $20-30 which are arguably the lowest prices available for high-quality product.

So What’s Stopping You?
Starter Kits are what drives the e-Cigarette industry. They provide the stepping stone for many into the world of alternative smoking. A company is only as good as the quality of its product, diverse options, and price. The problem with this industry is that any small time company can enter the market by simply bulk ordering lithium ion batteries, cartomizers, and even chargers. In a slapdash attempt to make a sale, they’ll combine these products into an inferior starter kit for a profit. V2 Cigs bucks the trend by offering a brand that is high quality, competitively priced, and high performing. Each of their products are produced domestically in the United States and are poised to push the limits of this currently niche market. Purchasing a V2 Cigs Starter Kit or any of the accompanying accessories ensures that your e-Cigarette experience is only of the highest quality. We can’t stress enough how much we recommend this brand to both new and old smokers wanting a superior e-Cigarette at a price that they can afford.

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In this industry of electronic cigarettes V2 Cigs has quickly become among the best that there is. The quality, amount of choices, and the customer support make V2 Cigs the best electronic cigarettes available. It would be a good idea for you to check out the reviews and other information that is provided about V2 Cigs, you will easily discover why they are the best and why you will have no problems choosing them.

For those that are new to the electronic cigarette industry, V2 provides a guide called 'Vaping with V2' that will help you get started and also tell you the basic of electronic smoking while showing you all of the products on the V2 line. When you have made up your mind on what you are going to purchase, simply push on the giant red button on the very top of the page and you will save 10% off V2 products such as starter kits, batteries, cartomizers, and other accessories that are already very reasonably priced.
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V2 CIGs Top Rated E Cigarette Starter Kits Offer Everything You Need To Get Started With Vaping!

The key to the V2 Cigs brand is its starter kits, which are the top e cig kits available, all providing great value and the highest number of items included at all price points, from the affordable V2 Express Kit to the unique V2 Ultimate Starter Kit. If you are willing to spend more money, you are going to buy a kit that includes several different varieties of flavor cartridges, a few batteries, more accessories and other items.

Customers will get all the necessary items to begin 'electronic smoking' their V2 Electric Cigarette immediately, no matter which kit is purchased. This holds true even if they buy the V2 Express Kit that costs approximately $20 after the EVAPE15 discount code is applied. Included items consist of batteries, flavor cartridges and USB chargers. You're good to go once you've charged the battery and put on your flavor cartridge. Sometime down the road, should the customer decide to upgrade from the cheap electronic cigarette starter kit he purchased originally, he can get additional flavor cartridges, batteries and any accessories he wants.

The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit is an excellent choice for people who wish to buy an outstanding electronic starter kit for a very reasonable price.

The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit includes all the e-cigarette accessories you can think of, and it only costs $179.95. With the 15 percent discount, the cost is even lower: $152.95. The following items are included: 25 flavor cartridges, 1 car charger, 3 batteries, 1 smart charger, 1 Power-Cig, 1 portable charging case, 1 lanyard and 1 metal carrying case. Every product that V2 Cigs offers includes these items, which is why this is the premiere e-cigarette starter kit available today. This is the best e cig starter kit available for people who are interested in getting started with e-smoking as well as for those who are interested in putting away several months’ supply. This kit contains every outstanding item that V2 Cigs offers to a consumer, and anyone who purchases this kit is going to have a highly favorable reaction after taking the first puff.

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V2 E-Cigarette Battery Lineup - the Best KR808D-1 Compatible Mini E Cig Batteries On The Market

In choosing an electronic cigarette, smokers should always be quick to note what kind of battery is offered with their device. V2 Cigs is industry renowned for its lithium ion batteries and with their latest line making the press rounds, the company is determined to surpass other brands. While most miniature electronic cigarettes offer scant power, V2 Cigs’ latest 4.2 volt battery surpasses any mini-style e-Cigarette currently on sale now. Based on the KR808D-1 framework, most e-Cigarette batteries are created fairly equally. This isn’t the case with V2 Cigs latest brand that not only offers superior power performance but appeal. The matte finish on their range of batteries has a characteristic style that screams class and durability. The rubberized feel of the finish is inviting and just an overall delight to hold in your hand.While other brands give off a traditionally cold, metallic feel, this battery is inviting to the touch and is an all-around stunner.

With the 4.2 volts, each V2 Cig battery gives off a longer lasting amount of power that lacks the power drain seen in other competing brands. For seasoned smokers and those wanting the most out of their electronic cigarette, expect consistent vapor production with extended battery life. Other batteries begin to trickle power as soon as they power on leading to annoyingly frustrating bouts of charging and recharging without the user getting a proper vaping session in. Using V2 Cigs battery, smokers can expect to experience an uncompromising experience that simply lasts.
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V2 Flavor Refill Cartridges / Cartomizers

While V2 Cigs offers a variety of prefilled cartomizers, the company boasts a reputable selection of flavors and strengths at prices lower than most brands in the market today. Each of V2 Cigs cartridges are designed to be low-resistance, making each cartridge easy to inhale from that is quite literally fool proof.

A Great Line of Flavors
Make no mistake, despite having a stellar product, V2 Cigs can lack in terms of selection of flavors. While other brands may have diverse offerings, none of them taste and smell as good as a V2 Cigs brand flavor. Each of their flavors is separated into three specific categories: rich tobacco, cool menthol, and specialty flavors. Below is a list of V2’s current flavor offerings as well as a look at a few flavors we had the privilege of trying for this review.
Rich Tobacco Flavors
  • V2 Red
  • Sahara
  • Congress
Cool Menthol
  • Menthol
  • Peppermint
Specialty Flavors
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • V2 Cola
  • Vanilla
Thought not as expansive as many consumers had hoped, V2 still has a solid list that’s still above the rest in terms of quality and flavor. We had some extensive time with the specialty flavors like Cherry and V2 Cola and were impressed with how true-to-life each one tasted. We preferred these flavors to the humdrum tobacco and menthol brands chiefly because of the experience of smoking something as unique as cola in an electronic cigarette. If we had to choose though, it would be a tossup between their cherry, vanilla, and cola flavors. Each one had a distinguishable taste and aroma that made us want to smoke more.

V2 E Cig Refills - A Matter of Price

Each V2 electronic cigarette cartridge is valued at approximately $1.69. On their website, they feature a comparison chart with other unique brands that show that their cartridge options are far more inexpensive. Specifically, you can opt to purchase five packs of nicotine cartridges priced at $12.95, 40 packs for $66.47, 80 packs for $129.95, and even a 100-pack for $225. As you can see these packs offer an unprecedented value against leading competitors. Given the high quality production of each V2 cartomizer and the high quality ingredients used in their flavors, it’s a surprise that savings are to be had. Furthermore, specials on cartridges are continuously ongoing. Currently, a 5-pack of “Passion Fruit” cartridges are priced at a dirt cheap $9.95.

Though the joy of refilling cartridges gives smokers incentive to be picky in what flavor they choose and how much is appropriately used, V2 Cigs also offers pre-filled options for smokers who want a no hassle approach to e-Cigarettes. We recommend this route for inexperienced smokers and those that have little desire to control their e-Liquid use. For the more experienced and savvy, refillable cartridges with the e-Liquid of your choice are certainly the way to go which also leads to a long term amount of savings.
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V2's Excellence Doesn't End With Top Kits, Batteries & Refills - V2 Electronic Cigarette's offer the best on every level. Innovative Accessories, Options & Flexibility and Attention to Every Detail of Each V2 Product and Accessory

Below are some of our favorite highlights of V2's excellent products and some which you may want to consider when choosing an ecig brand in the first place, and definitely when deciding what to purchase as a starter kit from V2, possible add-ons that will make your 'vaping life' MUCH more pleasant and convenient! Check out our V2 ECIG Buyer's Guide for more info.

A beginner or one trying to expand his collection of e-cigs can go in for the easy and affordable New V2 Express Kit. Flavor cartridges can be chosen from the best selling range of V2 Red and refreshing Menthol either in light, medium or full strengths.

The engineers of V2 have designed and crafted the new sophisticated V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case (aka PCC)to suit your requirements and is slimmer than a pack of cigarettes. Graphite, Stainless Steel and Glossy White are the colors these are available in.

The new XL Charging Case- Slimmer than a pack of cigarettes, but more powerful than the standard portable charging case. Suitable for all V2 long batteries and available in your choice of three colors.

V2 carry cases fit in your pocket or carry on, and are thin and easy to carry. They also have protective cases to hold 2 Standard or Shorty batteries and 2 Flavor Cartridges. These carry cases come in a variety of colors including Graphite, Stainless Steel and Glossy White.

Able to accommodate V2 batteries of all lengths, this case is similar to the metal carry case, is sleek and slides open and provides enough space for 2 batteries and 3 flavor cartridges or 3 batteries.

Improved Lanyard- A lanyard specifically designed for the V2 Electronic Cigarette will make it easy to keep your e-cig handy. This custom lanyard is available in red, blue or black.

Now your V2 Power-Cig or your Notebook-Cig can be used in the car and your V2 can be charged when you are moving through the new 2amp Car adapter. For mobile charging you just have to plug the adapter into 12-volt standard outlet available in almost all the vehicles and connect the V2 USB smart charger that comes in every Starter Kit.

Charge your battery twice as fast with the new V2 Charger. This new smart charger prevents overcharging, with it's cutting-edge technology.

A mini version of the Smart Charger with USB and an updated internal chip is the New Express Charger. Only the thought that this has nearly twice the charge time as compared to the old charger can make you uncomfortable.
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What makes V2 e-Liquids A Cut Above The Rest?

Expect Savings With V2’s Line of e-Liquid Accessories
In a recent addition to their product line, V2 rolled out their branded e-Liquids. While many companies offer refillable cartridges, very few offer their own dedicated selection of e-Liquids. While they stay busy turning the heads of skeptics, V2 Cigs sells bottles of their e-Liquid product at just $10 per 10ml. V2 Cigs bottles, while priced at a discounted rate of $10 per 10ml bottle, offers a larger option to smokers wanting some time in between refilling their cartridges. Their 20ml bottle option runs at a competitive $18.95 in your choice of flavor and strength. A 10 ml bottle of e-Liquid has the potential to refill 10 cartridges. For the conservative smoker, some have even stretched out the liquid to refill up to 15.

V2 Cigs proves that they’re not a company motivated by products by offering a low cost alternative to those wanting to shy away from pre-filled cartridges. Other companies deceptively sell prefilled cartridges with hard cap designs rendering them impossible to open. This leads the customer to simply discard the cartridge and use a new one with no option of refilling it with the e-Liquid of their choice. V2 Cigs does away with this horrible business practice by offering all of their pre-filled and refillable cartridges with a special soft cap top that is easy to open.

Robust Options
In their current product catalogue, V2 Cigs offers four distinctive flavors: V2 Red, Menthol, Sahara, and Peppermint. Each flavor is available in strengths ranging from 0mg up to 18mg. For those wanting a 24mg option, however, are out of luck and may have to consider other options. For the rest, it’s as simple as picking up your favorite flavor and strength and use them with either a used pre-filled cartridge or a blank cartridge each sold by V2. Simply drip the e-Liquid into the end of a cartridge with the V2’s easy drip bottles and you’re good to go. An added benefit to using e-Liquids is the ability to mix and match flavors for a unique taste. Mix and match flavors such as vanilla and peppermint to experience a unique blend that is hard to find.
One of the best reasons, however, is V2’s e-Liquid production that speaks volumes about its quality. Unlike other brands, V2 Cigs is one of the few if not only to undergo batch testing. Competitors often times market and sell e-Liquid that’s manufactured overseas, away from the stringent quality control measures those U.S. plants go through in order to keep product costs down. Propylene Glycol, the main ingredient of nicotine based e-Liquids, are often unregulated leading to potential health risks. V2 Cigs, on the other hand, provides a number on each e-Liquid bottle sold that can be checked via their website through a “batch check” that gives you an extensive report of the e-Liquid you purchased ranging from what ingredients were used to where it came from. While the industry still lacks total regulation, V2 Cigs’s batch regulation is a step in the right direction.
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New Free Shipping at V2 Cigs! You can have any size of V2Cigs.com order shipped to you free of cost anywhere in America.

V2 ECigs supplier is now offering USA destinations the option of free 'standard/fixed price' shipping. Best of all free shipping is here to stay, it isn't a limited time offer, nor does it require a special V2 Cigs free shipping coupon code (
you CAN combine free shipping with other V2 coupons on our site though) - but rather a new feature of shopping for ecigs and accessories at V2 that will save you even more money whenever ordering from the industry leader.

We've always had the best coupon codes for V2 Cigs exclusively made available to our readers, because they can be used with special sales and offers. Now, V2's new free shipping offer combined with the savings you can enjoy every day with the discount codes we offer means you're reaping the highest level of savings on your favorite products. More than ever before V2 offer both the top rated ecig product line and the best value in the marketplace.

No matter if you order a little or a lot your order will be shipped to you at absolutely no cost! Even nicer, that free shipping is now an ongoing benefit and not a promotional deal. At V2 Cigs you get free shipping all the time!
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V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

V2 disposable cigarette are the new line of electronic cigarette launched by v2 e-cigs Company. There is no need to recharge batteries or refill the cartridge with new e-liquid. With the v2 disposable cigs smoker use it until the vapor volume diminished. After finishing just throw it. The disposable cigs is best for the new smokers who were just switching from traditional tobacco cigarette and using the electronic cigs first time.

The starter kit of disposable cigs is same as the ordinary v2 e-cigs. Batteries are as highly performing and responsive as in v2 ordinary e-cigs. But the only difference is that batteries are charged only to the extent of 400 puffs. The packs of disposable cigs are found in three, five, ten, or even twenty cases. The cost of a three pack is $24.95; however the pack of twenty is priced at $139.95. It means that each cigs in pack of three cost $9 per unit while in pack of ten it is priced at $7 per unit which is more saving.

Difference between disposable and cartridge cigs

The v2 cigs company uses the same techniques and content as in their ordinary v2 electronic cigs. The only difference is that it has limited choice in flavors cartridge and strength in nicotine. The cartridge system of v2 e-cigs is more flexible and extensive, while disposable electronic cigarettes allow the smoker to spent lots of money in batteries, cartridge, accessories and chargers. Once the battery of disposable cigs dies or the e-liquid contained in cigarette get finished the device is to be disposed.

Flavors of disposable cigs

V2 disposable cigarette is popular in worldwide for its quality, performance, great taste and thick vapor, It is found in only in two flavors- full flavored tobacco and refreshing menthol. These two flavors are again found in two nicotine strength of light and full. Each pack of disposable cigs is equal to two pack of tobacco cigarette. The customer get the flavor and nicotine strength of their choice as per their order.

V2 disposable cigarettes differ from real cigs in many fields. Some of the plus points of disposable cigs are as follows:-
As the disposable cigarettes need not to be charged or refill, so it can easily gratified by the smoker instantly.

Compared to the expensive cartridge e-cigs disposable cigs are much cheaper, as it does not contain charger, refilling cartridge.
For new smoker who face the trouble in using cartridge system, disposable cigs is the best option where no need of charging batteries and refilling cartridge.
Each pack is equivalent to 2 packs of tobacco cigs. So cost of per piece of cig is much affordable for smoker.
Disposable cigs are long lasting and work well than the other e-cigs.

How disposable cigs works

A disposable cig is longer than the ordinary one Immediate after unpack the smoker can able to use it by puffing if it is an automatic e-cigs. In case of manual disposable e-cigs a button has to be pushed beside the device. The disposable e-cigs contain nicotine equivalent to 2 packs of tobacco cigs. So smoker can easily puff full two days before the batteries die and flavor finished. The batteries need not to be re-charged, they are just thrown away.
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V2 Cigs offers an unbeatable 30-Day Money Back guarantee and an INCREDIBLE Lifetime Warranty on all electronic components (basically everything other than refills/eliquid) so if your battery dies you can get a FREE replacement - save goes for chargers, the awesome charging case (V2's Portable PCC) etc. No other brand puts their words into action and wears the trust they have in their own product on their sleeve like v2 cigs do, and the brand's unbeatable warranty is one of the clearest stamps of confidence making purchasing v2 cigs as risk free a decision as possible.
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V2 Cig's Superior Customer Service and Shipping

As much as we like singing praises to e-Cigarette companies that go above and beyond for their customers, we really have to take note of V2 Cigs almost hands on customer service. In this industry, so much as having a simple question answered by an established company can lead to inaccurate claims, unexpected results, and lowered expectations. Many manufacturers offer poorly run user websites, a lackluster telephone service, or literally no post-sales support. V2 Cigs is an established electronic cigarette brand so it’s no surprise that they take pride in providing customer service that excels in all regards.

V2 Cigs offers pre and post-sale support with a beautifully simple website that gives you as much information you need to make an informed choice. Furthermore, they are one of the few companies to offer a 24 hour customer service number to answer your questions or help with orders at any time of the day which is unheard of with respect to other companies.

Where V2 Cigs really shines in customer service is their strategic partnership with UPS. Because customers expect high quality products, stellar service, why should they compromise on shipping? Using UPS, V2 Cigs ships its products nationwide with a fast shipping time. Unlike the US Postal Service, UPS will deliver your e-Cigarette kit in just a two to three days.
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The New www.V2Cigs.com - Designed to Serve You Better - A crisper sleeker and much more functional website it a promise that V2 definitely has delivered on! I know e-cigs, big and small and can confidently confirm that V2 Cig's calim their new site is "the most intuitive in the electronic cigarette industry".

Something as noted in our reviews was one area the brand Easily navigated and truly user-friendly; the new V2 Cigs interface makes ordering your favorite products and accessories a cinch. You’ll think we designed it just for you! As you shop, our site builds your entire Starter Kit right before your eyes.

Choose your favorite colors, flavors, sizes and strength and we do the rest. We’ve also added a cool new feature which shows you the estimated ship time for your products. No more wondering whether your order is available for immediate shipment. As you build your order, look for Combo Deals designed exclusively for you. These 1-time discounts offer even more savings on items that complement your order. It’s just one more way you can save for shopping with V2 Cigs.

Vape The Best For Less Everyday With V2CIGS COUPON CODE:

Don't compromise on inferior cloned knock-off grade electronic cigs, nor on a brand that doesn't back up their goods with exceptional support whenever you need it, have V2's unbeatable warranty and long-term vision and commitment to amazing customer experience.
v2 thumbs up
Each and every time you order you can always depend on a coupon code for savings of at minimum 10% on the already low prices V2 offer, without any restrictions on product choices or minimum order size - no strings attached here!

You can even benefit from the new V2 Cigs Free Shipping option if you are in the USA as well, and typically use the 10% Promo Code over and above any special sales events, v2 clearance items, etc. This code can in fact be used for any the VMR Products - whether from V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture or Vantage Vapor!

Save on V2 E Cig Batteries, Premium easy-refill KR808D-1 compatible Blank Cartomizers or the new LiquiMax 'Clearomizers' and the V2 e-juice flavors you'll savor even with in them.
Yes the 10% unrestricted discount, and 15% off ALL V2 CIGS Starter Kits is the bottom-line everyday savings you can count on AT A MINIMUM from us, on the best e cig product line out there. We ensure DAILY that codes are working and WILL also post other exclusive special deals on limited time basis - so subscribe to our newsletter and/or be sure to check back regularly!
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v2curve v2 cigs v2cigs coupon
The V2 Cigs Coupon website is hands down the top site for providing coupons for V2 Cigs, as well as recommendations and reviews. We deliver in providing current and useful coupons for the V2 Cigs consumer and additionally gives recommendations, reviews, and information about V2 Cigs products. It also expands to cover the new V2 e-cig branches, Vantage Vapor and Vapor Couture. V2CIGS-COUPON.com not only provides daily-to-day and up to date best V2 Coupon Codes, we also seek out and provide other special deals, exclusive offers and amazing ecig giveaways. The Clear Leading online seller of ecigs in America discover why I view the ecig brand as the “Apple” of the e-cigarette world. Giveaways such as “Quadruple Your Order,” mega kit giveaways and other regular online sweepstakes giveaways and contests are run here monthly. The website provides V2 Cigs Review that are quite astute, very comprehensive, and current. In 3,500 words, it gives you all you need to know about e-cigarettes, including explaining how V2 Cigs are similar to and different from other top-quality brands. This is another reason why this particular company is still the leading electronic cigarette brand on the market by far. @import((banner)) V2 Cigs Coupon is absolutely the top place to get your latest V2 Coupons, but the website goes beyond saving money and provides a variety of giveaways, offers, and a knowledge-base of information about vaping, opinions, news, reviews, and tips for both V2 Cig products and electronic cigarettes in general. There are over 300 unique postings on the site already, and more are being uploaded to the site every week.

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