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INSTANT V2 Coupon Code & V2 Review

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V2 Cigs Express E CIG Starter Kit Best 'Cheap E Cigarette' Option

V2 CIGS COUPON Exists For One Primary Reason: SAVING YOU MONEY!

The purpose of this site has always been and continues to be a singular and simple one (yet one I hope - and expect - you will find very handy as you see what V2 Cigs have to offer).

This WEBSITE's Reason For Being - yes it's very "Raison d'être" Is To Give You INSANELY SIMPLE ONE CLICK V2 CIGS SAVINGS at ALL TIMES
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to give you access to the TOP Ongoing E-CIG Savings + Deals from V2 CIGS

V2 CIGS Are SATISFYING Enough For Experienced Vapers Yet Are Ideally Suited For New E-Cig Users Seeking An Authentic and Impressive Smoking Substitue That 'Hits The Spot'

Way too many other well known electronic cigarette brands sell ecigs that frankly are noticeably and frustratingly lacking in this department - the ONE TRUE MEASURE that really matters to smoker's seeking out the 'Smokeless Electronic Cigarette Alternative'. At the end of the day smoker's still want to feel SATISFACTION.

V2's Rich & Flavorful Vapor Complete With A Satisfying Hit That Crushes Cravings Is A Huge Reason V2 Has Gained An Unrivaled Following of Users

It may sound too simplistic a statement in a rapidly evolving industry that is after all of the technology/gadget variety, and to some degree caught up in the same sort of latest whiz bang feature wars as smart phones, instant pod coffee makers and digital cameras. Though i'm afraid Blu Cigs making their charging case some sort of social network (cause you need to meet anyone and everyone else using an inferior but very well funded ecigarette?) sadly the presumably internet connected case doesn't make up for the shortcomings that actually matter. In Blu's case (along with 'Luci'

Other models often are underpowered (Blu Cigs, LUCI, and other Super-Minis) that offer smaller size at too high a price; very short battery life and not enough oomph to quite hit the spot. Like most popular e-cigarettes V2 Cigs offer the extreme convenience of being a '2-piece' ecig - the innovation of combining the heating element (atomizer) with the E-Liquid 'Cartridge' that til then was the independent and much more messy 3rd piece. Other brands such as Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke are also 'native' 2-Piece models (the spec Blu uses only later became adapted into a pseudo cartomizer setup, originally being

(yes i admit, in overhauling the site I have slipped in the most in depth V2 reviews, E-Cig user guides & a bunch of extra goodness; consider them icing

even though I have added V2 CIGS Supply The Best E Cigarette Brand Overall On The Market Today -, Unlike Other Product Lines V2 Offers Room To Expand & Explore As You Gain More Experience and Confidence Vaping

If You Are Looking For Your First ECIG, Aren't Satisfied With The Vapor Cigarette Brand You've Tried, Or Perhaps Want To Give Someone Special A Gift That Can Change Their Life Like No Other - We Are Happy To Offer a Special V2 Cigs Coupon Code 15% OFF ANY V2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits!

V2 Cigs offer the most complete and impressive starter kits for a range of unique budgets, lifestyles and personal needs - all of which are eligible for 15% OFF (whether you are buying 1 or 10, if its your very first time V2 Cigs purchase or your 25th you'll enjoy the substantial 15% savings at checkout when you make V2Cigs-Coupon.com your special side-door entry to V2 shopping (watch out for brands who entice with one starter kit coupons that expire for good after a single use).

If you are looking for the ultimate 'Cheap Electronic Cigarette' option, but dont want to throw away your cash on a disposable you cant use ever again, the V2 Cigs Express Kit is your ticket. Priced right at just over $20 with coupon savings applied, you get the exact V2 Experience with a charger and battery you can build into a larger set of items as budget allows. V2 Cig's have done such an immaculate job of designing the best functioning and by far the best looking PCC (portable charging case) on the market, and the ONLY one for kr808d-1 XL batteries anywhere - the kits that come with this fully redesigned from the ground up in 2012 near-essential piece of vaping kit make for what in my opinion are the best options. While it is generally accepted as a good idea to have a minimum of 2 ecig batteries if possible (so you can always charge one while you are using the other) it doesn't hurt either to buffer for days when things don't go so smooth and you suddenly find yourself without a charged battery. The tempation to reach for that other obsolete form of cigarette, especially when first transitioning and getting used to ecigs, is a common worry and experience. Luckily it is one that can be avoided with the addition of the other excellent V2 product so many come to love for its convenient endless power; the V2 PowerCIG is aptly named it technically is a 'usb passthrough' meaning it acts and looks like other V2 Cigs batteries, but plugs via a usb cord to any USB computer port (or mains power USB adaptor) as a never-ending power source, and a 5v high voltage one at that (if you work from home or at a computer for hours on end nothing is better!).

The Ultimate Kit from V2Cig is at the opposite end of the spectrum is the most 'complete' indeed jam-packed ecig starter kit anywhere! Fully complete with everything any smoker looking to switch with as smooth a transition as possible represents the best value in sheer dollars saved as a bundle (and best set of ecig items for no-compromise vaping from day one)

Each and every time you order you can always depend on a coupon code for savings of at minimum 10% on the already low prices V2 offer, without any restrictions on pproduct choices or minimum order size - no strings attached here! You can even benefit from the new V2 Cigs Free Shipping option if you are in the USA as well, and typically use the 10% Promo Code over and above special sales, clearance items, etc. This code can in fact be used for any the VMR Products - whether from V2 Cigs, Vapor Couture or Vantage Vapor!
From V2 Batteries to Vapor Couture's accessories, Premium refillable KR808D-1 compatible Blank Cartomizers or the awesome new LiquiMax 'Clearomizers' and the e-juice flavors you'll savor even more in them. Yes the 10% discount is the bottomline everyday savings you can count on at a minimum from us, and considering the savings of taking up vaping and ecigs vs smoking V2's loyal users already enjoy, an extra 10% off is an extra reason V2 E Cigarettes aren't just the best e-cig today, but they are amazingly affordable for what you're getting whenever you elect for genuine V2 Cigs vaping supplies.

Bottled V2 Platinum E-Liquid to refill them or liquimax clearomizers, your favorite prefilled E-Cig Cartridges (aka Flavor Cartridges).

In addition to these savings we also offer this code for those of you buying V2 Starter Kits to take a whole fifteen percent off! With no effort on your part you just get savings upon savings with the great quality and service you expect from V2.
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No Catch Just An Easy One-Click 10% to 15% Always Every Time You Order
E Cig & Vaping Products from Top Rates V2 E Cigs

You can always depend on taking ten percent off any order you place no matter what the size of the order is. So be assured that each time you order anything you know that that low price you see will even be lower for you! And in the case of Starter Kits - one of the things V2 does best - 15% will disappear from your bill the moment you enter the code at checkout (the one you'll see the latest up to date one for whenever you clcik our big fat V2 Savings Buttons. There are zero restrictions on how many orders you can place using this code so go ahead and use it for the many quality products offered such as our V2 Starter Kits, our V2 ELiquid, and our many flavorful cartridge refills.

The Codes Won't Expire, But We Will be Adding Other Offers and Giveaways (Often With Little Warning!)
So Be Sure To Check Back > > or Sign Up To My Email ECIG Newsletter!

As Part Of My Redesign & Relaunching Of This V2 Smokeless Savings Site I Have Added Lots of Comprehensive and Really Useful Info If You Are New To V2 Cig or Are Just Considering Your First ECIG Ever, There Is Loads To Point You In The Right Direction. See Below (and generally click around!) to find your way to our REALLY In-Depth V2 CIGS REVIEW - (I Call it The Ultimate V2 Cigs Review of the Brand and their Vaping Product Line).

Which maybe is a good time to jump in and introduce myself, My name is James - I am a super enthusiastic 'Vaper' and have used ecigs for almost 5 years now (after halting a decade plus, heavy smoking habit).

Along the way I Became A Bit Obsessed You Could Say (115 odd E-Cig Batteries of Every Size Shape and Kind Isn't Excessive is it!?) But i Seriously Have tried and know well not just brands but models and the evolution ecigarettes have been on in their short but rapid rise. If you happen to be interested in knowing a bit more about my vaping background - so you know 'who the heck i am' and why I have real expertise when it comes to all the opinions, thoughts and advice throughout the review, V2 E-Cig Buyers Guides I'm working on for you (to help make sure you pick the best combo of components for your lifestyle and preferences... oh yes, budget too of course).

Not to Fear as V2 Cigs offer some great pricing on generously appointed ecig kits of the absolute top calibre. Throw in the savings you're grabbing with the V2 Promo Codes and Coupons we're giving you (every time you need, unlike some brands who offer a one time deal of a few percent savings once and once alone - we have worked out ongoing, indeed sometimes extended and fully exclusive larger discounts, but you can use them over and again as you need, whether your first or fourteenth purchase at V2 Cigs' excellent website.


V2 Cigs REVIEW - The Ultimate and Definitive :) V2 Review - I Say So As I am Always Updating It and Expanding Upon The Intense Detailed and actually useful - I think and hope - insights, tips and advice I include in the main body of the new reviews here and in all the supplementary material focussed on certain features or product categories of the V2 brand's ecigarette experience!

Here you can find a wealth of expert reviews, real user testimonials, random and surprise V2 Product Giveaways (GENEROUS ONES!) and other vital information that will answer any questions or concerns you might have from me, an obviously enthusiastic fan of V2, but i use quite a few ecigs regularly and have come to the consclusion especially now that no other ecigarette offers the right product, made to exacting standards - and backed by the kind of support (before during and after a purchase) and Rock-Solid warranty policies that they have the resources and staying power to actually be useful should you need.

Other big names I have notice pump big cash into marketing but not improving their core ecig offering - Blu offer a less powerful battery in a smaller package, ok 3 years ago (kinda) but little flexibility and likely wont give you the satisfaction your after. Green Smoke in a related example, use a similar 2-piece spec, though a different one - called U9 / E9 while V2 Electronic Cigarettes are based on the better KR808D spec. The U9 / E9 is nicely built, but never has been able to create the kind of satisfying vapor in anything like that which i want - and you likely need to get through a switch successfully. Why cripple yourself with marketing hype and outdated products, V2 Gives You the confidence of a big brand AND the best product to crush your cravings and seriously satisfy - for real!

V2 Cigs are the top distributor of E-cigarettes in the market today. V2 Cigs offers you the absolute best in customer service, quality of their products, the biggest selection out there and the best bang for your buck E cigarette starter kits out there. Make sure to read thru our in depth V2 Cig reviews and other vital information and resource as well to help you discover just what makes V2 cigs the only choice when choosing an E-cig you are not only sure to actually use but fall in love with.