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INSTANT V2 Coupon Code & V2 Review

2012 Was The Year Of V2 Cigs Moving From Big To BIGGEST and Better To BEST among the top ecig brands.

As we head into 2013, after non-stop innovation and refinement, V2 CIGS sits in the enviable position of having the strongest lineup of super-easy to use, craving-crushing and outright satisfying ecigs that give smokers the best possible 'vapor' experience, maximizing the chance to make the transition away from tobacco a lasting one.

V2 Cigs REVIEW - The Definitive Look At America's Favorite Electronic Cigarette Brand by James Oliver

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Fantastic Product Quality Is The Cornerstone V2 Cigs

  • V2 are a high quality brand that produces a great electronic cigarette that delivers a significantly better experience then any of the current competition.
  • Compared to Blu, Green, NJOY, White Cloud, South Beach Smoke, e-Smoke and Eversmoke - V2 emerges as the hands down winner.
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V2 Quality + Superior Performance

  • V2 simply wins out in performance, customization options, range of product choices, service & support and finally value in their pricing.
  • From the battery to the cartridges it is obvious that a lot of serious thought from the creators was put into these electronic cigarettes to ensure that they will keep the customers coming back for more their quality.
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Flexibility and Custom Options To Fit Your Unique Needs and Preferences

  • They know the average consumer isn't really average - that every smoker is different and has different and unique needs.
  • The great amount of customization and flexible options to make your V2 Cigarette truly YOURS is reflected in this understanding.
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This is a lifetime warranty that comes on almost all the components of the electronic cigarette.

  • Not only is this brand the highest quality on the market - but it's backed up with the best warranty (and 30 day guarantee money back) - not a 30 day guarantee or a 6 month warranty, but an actual lifetime warranty.
  • Some have complained that there is a 5 battery replacement limit but this is a completely reasonable limit there to avoid abuse by those who would try and take advantage of what is the best warranty of any ecig brand by far.
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Streamlined Ordering + Shipping Isn't Just Easy, It's a JOY

  • The supply chain issues that were the biggest item on the con list of early days is long since resolved.
  • Now V2 lead in shipping and a streamlined order process that is more convenient and rewarding purchasing through v2cigs.com online than buying limited choice, overpriced options in retail outlets.
  • V2 partnered with UPS to ensure that their products are delivered FAST and now they even have a free shipping option for USA addresses with zero order-size limits.
  • Just as Amazon has made online ordering of everything from books to blankets better online, V2 makes online e-cig ordering a no brainer.
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For New Users, I Recommend Customizing Your V2 Cigs Starter Kit With At Least One Automatic and One Manual Battery

V2 Cigs is also excellent because it allows for different customization of the starter kits, so I recommend that you take advantage of this in order to get one manual and one automatic battery. Automatic batteries have an internal flow sensor, which powers up the electronic cigarette and the cartomizer when you inhale. Personally, I very much prefer manual electronic cigarettes. They have a small button on the side that you press while inhaling; difficult and tedious as it may sound, it gives you amazing control over the vapor produced, which improved with most manual batteries. Manual batteries pre-heat the cartomizer for a second or two before you inhale, making a thicker and richer drag at the cigarette, and this is one of the key reasons that I prefer them. They also last longer because they are kept away from e-liquid that might accidentally enter the battery chamber on an automatic battery. V2 Cigs suggested that someone who is new to electronic cigarettes should get at least one of each type and after testing their kit out, I would have to agree, especially since some people might prove automatic to manual batteries.

There are also color options for the batteries that are offered by V2 Cigs; white with a glowing red tip, black with a black or blue tip and chrome with a blue tip. Of the three, my favorite is the chrome; though the choice of this might seem vain, there are some important thoughts to consider. If your electronic cigarette looks identical to a real one and you are smoking somewhere that it is prohibited for real cigarettes to be smoked, this could lead to a tense situation. Blu Cigs names their brand after the glowing blue tip to their battery, which reduced the chances of it being mistaken for an actual cigarette.

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Quite Frankly The Level Of V2 Cigs Support Quality Surpassed My Highest Expectations... You Can Read The Transcript For Yourself! HERE IT IS

There were even little bits and pieces of information she gave me that I never would have thought to ask; she informed me that you can purchase a mixed flavor V2 cartridge refill set. She also told me that with starter kits that include more than V2 cartridges, such as the V2 standard kit, the V2 traveler kit, the V2 couples kit and the Ultimate kit, it makes sense to order the mixed sampler. I ordered the mixed sampler myself so I could try every flavor, then a five pack for all three tobacco flavors. The red/cowboy flavor is closest to Marlboro, the Congress closest to Parliaments and the Sahara is closest to Camel.

V2 Cigs Customer Satisfaction Levels Are Behind This E-Cig Brand Success Story

  • Any of V2's loyal customers will tell you that this electronic cigarette brand's professionalism is heroic; with product quality and consistency, amazing service and unrivaled support all far above current industry standards.
  • The fact that a majority of people who make any order from V2 Cigs make not just a repeat purchase but 70% have returned and ordered at least a third time clearly shows in numbers what testimonials indicate in words - that V2 Vapor Cigarette users aren't just satisfied but love their e-cig brand of choice.
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There Really is No Competition … V2 Cigs Beats The Competition In Every Area

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V2 Cigs delivers everything you hope for in your search for the right E-Cigarette choice.

If you are looking to 'go smokeless' and get the best Vapor experience with the satisfaction you crave, V2 delivers what you are looking for.

Save INSTANTLY AT V2Cigs With A Single Click !


Most everyone in the vaping world sees V2 CIGS as the Cadillac of 'mini' 2-piece E-Cigarettes (the most common type by FAR and the type any new user should start with - but V2 Cigs offers much much more than most other electronic cigarette brands).

There was some controversy swirling about in the first years after the introduction of the V2 brand. The reason for that being because of the supply chain not being able to keep up with the demand of the cigarettes and this caused a lot of the cigarettes to be delayed.

A lot of orders were delayed and it led to some people assuming that the makers had too much demand and not enough supply. Now that the chains have been tightened on the supply network and the routes have been optimized people are starting to try and get their hands on this V2 cigarette again.

The company is now at the point (it has been for well over a year in fact) that the demand is no longer corrosive and it can keep grips on the customer base.
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There is an easy way to find out how popular an electronic cigarette is in terms of sales. The way to do this is to go to the source of the sales or the website it sells from. The web traffic will paint a very vivid picture of how many people are going to buy this product. If you were worried that this product wasn’t one of the mainstream products then you can be reassured that with the amount of web traffic they receive they are most certainly one of the most popular e-cigarettes on the market.

It is hard to understand the amount of innovation that these companies have been going through and one of the companies at the head of the pack is the maker of V2 Cigarettes. The technological breakthroughs this company has come through the deliver one of the coolest and smoothest e-cigarette experiences is unparalleled. There is nothing being left out of this experience with V2 Cigarettes. From the minute you open the box you realize you are dealing with a special product here.

There is only one demand that people have for an e-cigarette that is to be able to replace the current cigarette they have with something that is healthier and smooth. They want the same experience and they want it to be a complete replacement of their originally unhealthy and cancer causing habit. There are a ton of benefits to smoking V2 and one of the reasons that it is one of the best electronic cigarettes is because the very product is created to ensure that the same smoking experience can be had that can be had from a traditional cigarette. The simplistic nature of the product and the exquisite way that it is pulled off is why it is simply one of the best electronic cigarettes.


The answer to this is simple too, Quality. The V2 stands behind the quality of its brand and demands perfections from every component of the electronic cigarette. The amount of money they spend on researching every component of the e-cigarette is worth its weight in gold. The research has turned out some pretty amazing things in terms of new and more advanced technology. The liquid is top of the line and it never ceases to please or amaze its customers.

They know how to do customer service. There is always someone willing to help from the makers of V2 electronic cigarettes. They stand behind their quality as much as they stand behind the way they deal with their customers. The customer service is on par with a five star hotel and it really shows when contacting someone within the company. They won’t cut corners when it comes to customers.
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The e-cigarette has gradually improved over time and a lot of credit should go to companies similar to V2 who spent a lot of money improving the quality of the e-cigarette. The improvements in everything in the company can be seen and the improvements in the industry as well. This is why V2 stays on the top of the list as one of the best companies for electronic cigarettes.


The Focus of the V2 Brand has Always Been on Making Great Products a Great Experience

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There really isn’t another e-cigarette brand on the market right now that delivers the whole package like V2. There is customer service, intensive research and a great product that makes V2 the consumer’s cigarette. The other brands of cigarettes were trying to get by on their old technology and they were trying to create a product that was the same year after year and then V2 brought their new electronic cigarettes to the market and year after year they gained market share throughout the world. The newer technology has served V2 well and it has really been a turning point in the lives of the other electronic cigarette companies. It will be hard to tell the future of these companies that are getting left behind the V2 technology.

There is no lying when someone says that the electronic cigarette boom is right now. This is because of the relatively new market that it is. There are so many different questions when it comes to the electronic cigarette because it is such a new product that has come out onto the market. There is a reason that V2 decided that the customer needs to be able to make well informed decisions and this is why they invested so much of their time and money into the customer service aspect of the company. They realize that customers would be confused at first and would normally have a lot of questions so they decided to be able to organize a structure in their company that would allow customer service to be a top priority.


The small things are what really matters when making a product. A lot of companies can easily make a product that is sufficient, but V2 wasn’t going for making things at the bare minimum. They made this product with some of the neatest features out there for the Electronic Cigarette market.

Inside of each of the products is something called an automatic battery. This battery turns on as soon as it can feel the inhalation motion beginning and it automatically is turned off when the inhalation stops. This reduces the need to buy more costly batteries and allows V2 to pass some cost savings to the customer. I’m sure the consumers are happy to see this. The price for the automatic battery is about $20.00 for the smaller ones and the larger ones are about $30.

This makes you happy to be saving money on batteries. These prices for the batteries are quite low though in case you need to buy them anyways, but hopefully each of your batteries will last you a long time. If you are willing to go a little bit further you can run away with some of the new technology that is the 4.2 volt battery that is claimed to be best in the market.

The kits for the V2 electronic cigarettes really are the best around, and are why largely V2 is the trusted brand that it is today. V2 is serious about their supply chain too and instead of shipping some third rate carrier like a lot of companies that are trying to trim costs. V2 absorbs the costs and partners with UPS to allow for the customer to receive their product on time every single time. This kind of commitment should be noted, because it certainly is important.

With the new age of buying things online customers want their products as soon as they order them and V2 is trying to honor that commitment. They have some of the fastest turnaround times in all of the market.
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If you are ready to make the leap to the electronic cigarette then the V2 starter kits are the way to go. It really makes things simpler when everything is laid out nicely and you don’t have to figure out what you are missing when you get your package at home. The main things to look at when considering buying a starter kit is the quality and the contents of the kit and those things have been heavily studied at V2.

V2 products are all quality products and components of the V2 cigarette kits are made in the US. These are not some bulk supplier from China shipping over tons of poor quality contents. This means that every single one of the V2 products is going to be of the same high quality. The customer is not worrying about the quality of the product and this is another reason they are top of the line. These electronic cigarette come with everything included. This means you are getting a battery, cartridges, and e-liquids in each and every kit and that is the basic kit.

There are some more options when considering what kind of V2 Starter kit you want to buy. They do all include the battery, cartridges, and e-liquids though and this is the bare minimum of what you are going to need. All of the kits come with the excellent V2 technology and this is why you can be assured that is of the best quality and comes with the best components in the electronic cigarette industry. The batteries even have some personal touches on them and this is another note that the quality is important. The consumer needs to feel good about the product to be able to continue to use it and this is what V2 is enabling when they add little things to each and every thing.


The price of the V2 Express kit is 25.98 and that is surely something that you didn’t expect. A lot of people expect this to cost in the hundreds to have any way to get started, but V2 has been able to optimize their supply chains and has been able to drive the price down when other competitors - who typically buy what is known as OEM (basically sticking a label on a generic product in bulk from suppliers already complete). V2 has the benefit of market share due to their popularity which they have invested back into their own manufacturing and ongoing research & development - as they have 4 of their own factories now they are able to innovate and control and optimal process from start to finish, something few other ecig brands can claim.

This Bare Kit Consists Of The Most Essential Components Of An Electronic Cigarette Experience, And Is In My Opinion The Best 'Cheap Electronic Cigarette' Option Anywhere. The V2 Express Kit Is An Excellent Alternative To Disposable's As A Way To Get Your Feet Wet Inexpensively!

It contains a battery, a flavor cartridge and one USB charger. This might not seem like much but realize that the price is low and the product’s quality is high. The thing about this is that compared with disposable ecigs which cannot be reused (and even the good disposable's like those V2 makes aren't quite the same experience as the full and proper components deliver). This way you can expand on your set over time, and the battery and charger (even the cartomizer should you choose to do your own refills) can be used many times - they are identical to what you would get in the more major starter kits.



This is best kit around. The price is a little steep at $189.95, but the amount of things that you are getting is amazing (and with our special V2 Cigs Coupon Code we have been able to arrange for you - simply click on one of the savings buttons on this page or enter coupon code EVAPE15 on checkout at V2 Cigs for a seriously awesome 15% instant discount - making the price much easier to manage).
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This kit will last you for quite a long time (something most ecig kits WONT accomplish; most come with 5 or fewer refills - and though its true that the 'puffs' tend to equal about a pack for most good ecig cartomizer refills, you will likely find you go through them quicker than you might expect as you get the hang of the slight differences with smoking VS vaping).

Bottom line most ecig starter kits you purchase will last an average user anywhere from a few days to a few weeks of use - something not often advertised and which can lead to needing to urgently get more refills - YOU DON't want to be in that panic!

The V2 Ultimate Kit on the other hand comes with an impressive FIVE X standard FIVE packs of refill cartridges (25 total - and each of those 5 bundled in the kit can be easily customized to your exact preferences! I encourage you to experiment a little, you might likely be surprised with a flavor you might not have thought you would but turn out to love (vanilla, coffee and cherry are all recommendations I would suggest).
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This kit is pretty luxurious and gives the basic kit a good run for its money. This is a pretty average price for the market but you are getting the wall charger as well as the USB charger and a set of ten different flavor cartridges for your vaping experience. This is perfect for someone that needs a wall charger and is looking to try some different flavors. This is a great gift too for someone looking to upgrade to a higher quality product.


There are a lot of people that sit at their computer all day and have to walk somewhere to enjoy a cigarette. Well the good thing with vaping is there is less harmful chemicals being released and also the people around you won’t hate you as much for doing it near them. This V2 kit takes all of this knowledge and rolls it into one great idea. There is a V2 starter kit that is able to only use the electricity that your laptop draws from the wall to power all of its components. This allows you to never worry about the different levels of power on your batteries. The laptop will always be able to keep a full charge for the V2 electronic cigarette. There is always the situation where you at some time might be required to carry your laptop around just to finish your electronic cigarette.


The starter kits are really stocked with everything that you might need to get you through your day. This really is a good idea if you are trying to experiment with the electronic cigarette and want to make sure that you start off with the highest quality brand and have all the components that you need to be able to start vaping. The different cartridges even give you a chance to pick some flavors to see which one suit you best. Remember the first time you went to buy cigarette? The store was full of different brands and you probably started on the same cigarettes that your friends or relatives smoked. Now you are able to make your own decision on which electronic cigarette flavor matches your tastes.

V2 lets you easily - via their VERY intuitive online ordering interface - customize all aspects of your starter kit.

that means with the carts included you can select any flavor and any strength that you like from V2 Cigs e-liquid selection. There are flavors and nicotine strengths to suite anyone's tastes and nicotine requirements (heavy smoker's i would suggest go with the full 18mg to start - while more casual smokers will likely find 12mg the best fit at first, even if you taper down a little over time).

The other customization options and accessories bundled with the V2 Ultimate Kit are crazy too! It is actually the best value in terms of cash saved (compared with buying each item individually later on) - and everything included is incredibly useful to fully enjoying the 'vaping' experience, which is why i recommend it above any other kit whether from V2 or any other e-cigarette supplier on the market today.

There is the choice of three different batteries and the type of operation that you prefer. A lot of people like manual but you might be someone who prefers the automatic and you can get that too (auto works by inhaling just as you do with regular cigarettes while manual offers more control with a small button on the side - this allows the ecig to 'pre-heat' for a moment and ultimately can pump out slightly richer vapor. I suggest new users try at least one of each, though automatic tends to be best for smoothly transitioning to e-cigs as it most closely mimics smoking).

THERE IS AN AWESOME CARRYING CASE WHICH DOUBLES AS A CHARGER ON THE GO - THEIR WONDERFUL PCC (PORTABLE CHARGING CASE). This is unquestionably one of my favorite of the V2 product line - not because others don't offer them too, but because V2 Cigs' PCC simply kicks every other ecig charging case's BUTT! It's Awesome!

The V2 PCC in either standard or XL size (the only kr808d-1 pcc to fit the XL size batteries!) lets you charge spare batteries on the go. It comes in a stunning stainless metal finish or black metal and has plenty of room for extra refills too. Other brands offer PCCs, but none is anywhere near as functional (or downright beautiful) as V2's.

Even if you aren't able to swing the cost of the ultimate kit right away, the new 'V2 Standard Plus' kit offers 2 batteries and the PCC (along with 10 refills and a number of other items) which is priced at a bargain $99 - from which you can immediately take off 15% with code EVAPE15. I still recommend the ultimate kit as the best choice hands down, but the PCC is such an excellent add-on that you will count on day in day out, it just makes sense to get it along with the kit. The last thing you will want when starting out especially is the worry of finding yourself with dead batteries and no way to charge them!

A collection of versatile chargers - mains, USB and a car charger are all bundled with the Ultimate Kit and work very well (they were all revamped along with the V2 product line as a whole in mid 2012). But the last excellent ecig accessory you will LOVE (especially if you spend time working at your computer for stretches - or want to enjoy nonstop higher power vaping without any worries of running out of charge, the V2 Power Cig USB Passthrough just might become your new best friend. The V2 Power Cig is completely powered off of USB - the unit looks and works just like other manual batteries but has a thick and comfortably long (and durably constructed) cord extending from it that you simply plug into any USB port on a computer. As the wall and car chargers BOTH attach via a USB connector they can be used alternatively for non-stop vaping in the living room (anywhere close to a power outlet) or in the car!

While I do think the ULTIMATE (or Standard Plus) Kits are the best choice for anyone who can afford their price tag - it is well worth the investment - V2 certainly offer many other options tailored to fit every budget and individual need or preference. Read more about the full starter kit line here, or visit V2 Cigs via the instant savings button below to enjoy 15% OFF ANY kit purchase with a free shipping option too for USA residents! Even the V2 Express Kit at about $25 is eligible for the discount.


A lot of people who smoke electronic cigarettes now know what the biggest hassle of the whole process consist of doing, having to deal with a battery that has gone out. Everyone will be happy to know that V2 is well aware of the problem and they decided to use a 4.2 volt battery that will provide the smooth stream of power that the electronic cigarette requires providing you with all of its sweet nicotine goodness. This battery was created with every little thing thought about. The grip is perfect and even has a cool and crisp matte finish to it to provide even more style to this battery. This little guy can put out some impressive numbers allowing for vaping to be done all throughout the day and late into the night for those wild parties.


These are some of the highest quality cartridges on the market to date. These prefilled nicotine cartridges are really what makes V2 stand out from the rest of the crowd. A lot of people think that V2 doesn’t offer enough flavors, but ask if those people are using one of the flavors offered by V2 and you will be surprised that all of them are probably using one of these flavors. The core flavors are really what a company should invest in doing. They shouldn’t spread out their product and make a lot of really bad flavors. They should try to develop a few flavors, but do them better than anyone else. These flavors are really enough for anyone interested in electronic cigarettes.

A lot of people came from menthol cigarettes to the electronic cigarette. V2 doesn’t disappoint with its menthol line of cartridges. There is a flavor called Cool Menthol and a Menthol flavor available for people. These are great and they really give that cool flavor that menthol smokers grew to love on traditional cigarettes. There are also ones that come flavored like cigarettes but don’t have the menthol in them. This is more for the traditional smoker and less for the casual smoker. If you are a more casual smoker then you might want to consider getting one of the specialty flavors and trying that out.

Specialty flavors are especially good for people that are looking to have nice slow and enjoyable smoke. This is more like a dessert after a larger meal kind of experience and less of a having a bad day type of experience. There are some specialty cigarettes that will be better for people looking to go a different route with their electronic cigarette. There are strange flavors like Cola and Coffee that are actually quite refreshing to the system. If you fancy it you can also have Vanilla and Chocolate flavored cartridges and they are just as sweet as they sound. The different types of specialty cartridges are each actually done very well. It is very similar to how a great brewery puts out some specialty beers. These cartridges are made with care and have been researched to ensure that they are high in quality and the top in taste. There have been a lot of people that don’t live the same flavors of another company that come over to the V2 brand cartridges and they are just as happy as they can be.

The cartridges are very reasonably priced as well. If you need a rough estimate each of the cartridges cost about $1.69 apiece. They are actually quite reasonably priced and if you go online to their website they prove that fact. Usually the prices are quite static and so that means you they don’t fluctuate too terribly much.

The prices are as followed.
5 pack - $12.95
20 pack – $44.95
40 pack - $66.47
80 pack - $129.95
100 pack - $225.00

This is some of the best pricing around. If you consider really what all is involved in the process of making these and when you know that you are getting V2 brand stuff then it really is hard to believe that they can keep the prices this low. A special is going on right now where you can get the Passion Fruit flavor for $9.95 for a 5 pack. This is a pretty good savings and it would give you an excuse to try out this specialty flavor.

These cartridges are prefilled unlike a lot of company’s products. If you have time go ask an electronic cigarette smoker how much of a pain filling the cartridges can become. They most certainly will tell you that it is a major pain to fill a cartridge. This means that the cartridges are all filled by professionals and this ensures that the flavor you receive is the best every time you inhale. This will save so much time and is well worth it. The process isn’t extremely simple and it turns a lot of people off of smoking electronic cigarettes.


There is a lot of reason to buy a V2 cigarette and we are trying to make it easier for the consumer. These coupons make the prices more than reasonable. The coupons allow you to save on the kits and the accessories and we hope that you will be inclined to use one of them. Consider using the Coupon EVAPE20 the next time you make a purchase. This will really make the purchase an absolute must happen for you. There really is no excuse with having low prices and having a coupon. Even if you are on a really tight budget after this coupon is applied anyone can afford to buy the electronic cigarette from V2. Even if you aren’t going to be splurging for the best kit, you can always consider buying the basic starter kit to get yourself moving the right direction with electronic cigarettes.


The creators of this electronic cigarette really care about their product and they were smokers themselves and they understand what smokers are looking for in that transition. This is why they put so many different flavors and starter kits out on the market. They know the average consumer has many faces and they want you to be able to pick which face you want to be. They even modeled the cigarette after a normal cigarette. This makes the brain think this is a real cigarette but the body is thanking you with ever puff because of how much healthier it is in comparison with tradition cigarettes. It has been proven that electronic cigarettes have less of a health threat than traditional cigarettes. That is because it takes all of the smoke out of the cigarette and just produces a vapor for inhaling. The liquids that come with the cigarettes are created to not only be of high quality but also be great tasting.


V2 has been there for the customer all along and has gone way out of its way to make sure that the customer is given a product that represents quality and great taste. They will be the leading brand for a while and will continue producing the highest quality electronic cigarette cartridges for a great vaping experience.

The supply chain issues have been fixed and now they are partnered with UPS to ensure that the products are delivered on time. The customer service is the highest quality in the business and any of the customers can tell you that it is far above current industry standards. V2 cares about the customer and has even decided to cut profits to ensure that the customers are able to get the product that they want. All the people involved in the customer interaction portion of the business are trained to provide the customer with great customer service and it really shows. It would be very hard to find a customer that left disappointed in one of the products of the service that they received from V2.

They are a high quality brand that produces a great electronic cigarette. From the battery to the cartridges it is obvious that a lot of serious thought from the creators was put into these cigarettes to ensure that they will keep the customers coming back for more their quality. If that wasn’t enough, not only is this brand the highest quality brand on the market but it actually comes with a warranty. Not a 30 day guarantee or a 6 month warranty.

This is a lifetime warranty that comes on almost all the components of the electronic cigarette. The cartridges are excluded. There really is no competition when it comes to electronic cigarettes for the time being. This company will provide everything that you were looking for and more and they are our vote for your next purchase.
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