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INSTANT V2 Coupon Code & V2 Review


V2 CARTOMIZERS - V2 Cigs Nicotine Flavor Cartridge Refills

A Guide To The Various V2 Cartridge Refills / Cartomizers To Help You Choose Which Flavors and Nicotine Strengths You Would Like To Try. This List Is Up To Date At The Time Of Publishing And As New Flavors Are Released We Will Try To Keep It Up To Date With The Latest V2 Cartomizers Available.

TIP: V2 Cartridges are KR808D-1 Compatible Cartomizers. This means you can use them with other KR808D-1 E Cigarettes - Although They Are Best Recommended For Use With The Optimized V2 Cigs Battery and USB Passthrough Line.

Some Other Brands Of E-Cigarettes That Will Work With The V2 Cartomizers Include:

• Vapor4Life Original Vapor King
• SmokeTip
• Bloog Fusion and MaxXFusion
• Cigarti
• Premium Electronic Cigarettes
• eSmoke PRO (not eSmoke Sensation)
and all other KR808D Compatible E Cigs

This is ALSO true in reverse - So If You Would Like To Enjoy The Benefits And Value Of V2 Cigs But Would Like To Order Cartomizers From Brands Like Vapor4Life (whose WOW Vapor Lineup And Premium Cartomizers Offer over 150 Flavors Currently) They WILL WORK fine on your V2 Cigs Batteries And V2 Power Cig or V2 Notebook Cig

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V2 CIGS Cartomizer Flavor Refills

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Not Enough Superlatives For V2 Cartridge Flavors

Are you a vaper and looking for a new lease in your vaping experience? Then, you need to turn your attention to V2 flavors. Of the many electronic cigarettes now in the market, not one comes close to V2 and its den of amazing, authentic e-liquid flavors. It also helps that it has the complete line-up of nicotine content from 0 mg to 18 mg.
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The American Tobacco (Previously known as V2 Cowboy)

This is the V2 equivalent of American classic red packs. It has the full Virginia blend coupled with oh-so-sweet essence. It even comes in cartridges colored red. Choose from the Full Strength which means 18 mg nicotine; to 12 mg which is the Medium Strength; the Lights or 6 mg, and the zero mg.

Smokers who are habitual Marlboro Winston, Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, Basic, PalMal, or Doral smokers should make a bee-line for this V2 cartridge.

The V2 Congress

How about a little bit of distinction without the politics? You can stand proud vaping on a cartridge that has the Tobacco flavor, Parliament-style. They’re sold in 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, and 0 mg. You might relish a bit of Kent, Benson & Hedges, Viceroy, L&M, Merit, or Marlboro when you vape on this flavor.

The V2 Sahara

This flavor has that distinct Turkish blend that smokers know is all brute strength and hard core. You cannot pass up a chance to try this flavor. This is the stuff real men are made of. Also available in 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, and 0 mg. It will remind you of Kent, Merit,, Camel, and most European brands.

The V2 Menthol

Enjoy some peppermint and mint in one flavor. It’s crispy clean, breath-freshening and with the ultimate nicotine kick that will blow you away! Think Kool, Newport, Basic Menthol, Salem, and the all-time favorite, Marlboro Menthols. It’s a homerun flavor all the way!

The V2 Peppermint

If you love peppermint but not exactly fond of mint, then this flavor is going to hit the spot. It’s sugar and spice, and everything nice with a dash of spearmint. This is a popular flavor, so order in bulk before you end up having to wait for stocks to replenish. Lovely flavor, amazing experience.

The V2 Coffee

How often do you see smokers/vapers with a cup of coffee close by. It’s no wonder that this flavor is a bestseller. It has a hint of Java with cream, and your favorite sugary doughnut. The perfect combination, day or night.

The V2 Cherry

Cherry is a great flavor, and the burst of absolute sweetness along with just the perfect nicotine content is going to make your day. This flavor has all the elements to be top notch, and bring V2 way ahead of any other cherry-flavored cartridge from other brands.

The V2 Vanilla

The odd thing about vanilla is that it is such a subtle flavor, you barely feel its effect, and that a sign that it’s quality vanilla flavoring. Any other kind that hits you between the eyes is downright inferior and rough. Subtlety is the key to why this is a favorite flavor.

The V2 Chocolate

Chocolate does make the world go ‘round because it puts us all in such a great mood. If you need your sugar rush, forget about calorie-riddled sweet candy. Reach for a V2 and get your chocolate rush here. It’s definitely not going to push your weight upward, just put you in the perfect mood to party and have fun.

V2 will soon be launching new flavors like Banana Blast, Classic Cola, and an intriguing flavor called Island Coconut. Sounds like the party’s about to get even better. Watch out for the new V2 more flavors!